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Name: Stefan Polaris
Nickname(s): Specs (coined by Lena), Little Steffie (childhood name used by bullies to mock his size)
Species: Minun
Age: 19
Gender: Male

Team Information

Team: Electrophilic
Favorite Guild: Scholars
Least Favorite Guild: Trackers
Rank: Leader

Physical Information

Appearance: Stefan has intelligent red eyes, and his ears are always laid back like a lopunny's. He is larger than the average minun due to strong diggersby heritage on his mother's side and stands two inches taller than his sister (a fact he is very proud of). He has darker blue hair that sticks up in front and is tied into a ponytail that falls over his left shoulder

Accessory: His most essential item is his thick glasses which he is entirely blind without. He also wears a ruby vest, white cravat, and a brown messenger bag which he holds all his books in.
Height: 1 ft 9 in
Weight: 18.6 lbs
Build: Lean

Personal Information

Nature: Serious 
Characteristic: Very Finicky
Overview: Stefan is level-headed, calm, quiet, and very studious. He is highly intelligent and often has his nose in a book. He puts a LOT of attention into tiny details, and he is almost obsessed with following rules and completing every task “properly”. While he is a good communicator and eloquent speaker, he's a bit clueless in less formal or social situations. Stefan doesn’t like battle and will always use his wits before his fists in tense situations. Used to being heavily bullied growing up, he takes punishment or teasing unflinchingly without a word and is very good at hiding his emotions. He shares a strong sibling rivalry with his sister, Stella, often calling her an irresponsible child. However, as her older brother, he nonetheless is very protective of her and feels he must set the better example...hence being more diplomatic and polite than aggressive.
In Conversation: Stefan's intelligence clearly shows in conversation as he speaks in a very sophisticated and formal way, often using lots of big words. He has a calm, business-like demeanor, but he can get flustered in social situations or situations that do not go the way he predicted. He is easily exasperated when faced with mons like his sister: loud, impulsive, childish, and overly energetic.
At a Glance: A nerd's nerd who would never last two seconds in a fight or be seen outside a library.
Closer Bond: A young genius who loves his sister more than anything and wishes to set an example to all that conflict does not always have to be settled with violence. 

Likes: Reading, talking about "nerdy" topics (science, history, etc.), learning, observing and studying natural phenomena, peace & quiet, jobs that require an eye for detail, Shuca and Pecha berries (or any sweet food)
Dislikes: Violence, being interrupted, mons who can't properly take care of books, not sticking to a plan, being unable to see, loud noise, bullies
Fears: Losing his glasses, Stella getting hurt
Goals: To become a high ranking scholar and write his own books (both fiction & non-fiction), to be a role model for Stella

Combat Information

Battle Style: Stefan solidly falls into a supporting role. He prefers to stay at a distance from the main fight, boosting his allies and weakening his foes from afar. He will analyze his opponents' fighting style to look for patterns or weaknesses to exploit, though this is harder to do against faster, more unpredictable foes. Contrary to appearances, he is actually very tough and can stand to take quite a few hits before going down. He possesses natural speed and agility from his species, but he is not in any way a trained fighter. He excels most in double battles when he has a more offensive partner to take shelter behind.
Prowess: Stefan is strongly against violence and will not fight unless necessary. That being said, he does know his way around a battle thanks to his sister.
Strengths: Evasive, lots of knowledge of pokemon's individual strenghts & weaknesses, great support skills, double battle expert, fairly durable
Weaknesses: Not a trained fighter (can easily be overwhelmed by a skilled battler), losing his glasses and all visibility, little attack power, can be shut down by a mon with Taunt, ground types
Ability: Minus – Stefan gives off a negative wavelength of energy which manifests in his red electricity. When fighting with an ally who has the Plus or Minus ability, his power increases as does his ally’s. When paired with Stella, his electricity turns violet when this happens.
Move Set

· Entrainment – Stefan calls out to his opponent, catching their attention. His eyes glowing with an entrancing green light, he speaks a few words to his foe, causing a similar green glow to appear in their eyes and replacing their ability to match his of Minus.
· Volt Switch – A large electric charge builds around Stefan, surrounding his whole body. It then flashes brightly, temporarily blinding the opponent, before the opponent is hit with a surge of electricity. When the electricity fades, Stefan will have switched places with one of his allies.
· Helping Hand – Stefan claps his hands together, a faint white glow appearing around them. A similar glow then appears around his allies, greatly boosting the power of their attacks. This move is sure to always go first before any other move.
· Play Nice – Stefan talks to his foe in a very kind and charming voice, a faint pink glow in his eyes. This compels his foe to want to cease fighting, lowering their attack power. This move cannot be avoided, unless the foe can neither see nor hear Stefan.

Stat Breakdown

Stamina (7/10): A victim of constant bullying since he was young, Stefan learned to toughen up very fast and now can stand many blows before going down. Working on a farm also helped to build his stamina.

Strength (3/10): Stefan is an intellectual first, and a battler second. He spent most of his years indoors reading so he possesses very little physical strength.

Agility (6/10): Minuns, like many electric types, are naturally speedy, which gives Stefan natural agility. He also had to chase Stella around all the time, so that helped build up his speed and reaction time as well.

Intelligence (9/10): Stefan is, in short, a genius. Years of reading and studying have left him with a sharp mind and very high intelligence. He's very good at reciting back most any information he's read, and very perceptive of his environment and other mons (making him good at "reading" people as well).

Charisma (5/10): Stefan knows how to communicate efficiently and eloquently in formal situations. However, he is not the social butterfly Stella is, and he has some social awkwardness like any nerd. His higher vocabulary also make him difficult to understand if one doesn't have knowledge of what he's talking about.



Stefan grew up in a very small, rustic village called Larke, just northwest of Rivercross Acres, that was almost forgotten by the rest of the world. He lived with his parents, Ruby & Sapphire, and his little sister Stella. The whole family owned a modest farm and grew various berries like Tamato, Pecha, and rare Roseli. He took more after his mother who was an aspiring novelist and loved reading even at a young age. Because he was such a bookworm, wore glasses, and was smaller than most the other kids, Stefan was bullied a lot growing up and often had to be rescued by Stella since he never fought back. His only friend was a timid shuckle named Mitchell who shared in his love of literature (and got picked on just as much). Stefan & Stella were inseparable as kids; however, as they grew older and found their own passions, they started to drift apart, arguing all the time and spending less time with each other willingly. Despite their differences, though, the siblings' strong bond endured underneath. Whenever Stella forgot her chores or got into trouble, Stefan was always there to cover for her. 

Stefan first heard of Tabira and its Guilds from his father. Ruby told many fantastic tales of his travels, and Stefan quickly became fascinated with the Scholars guild. Like Stella, he decided at a young age that he wanted to join the guilds. Stefan hoped that with the Scholars he would find acceptance of his nerdier qualities, something he never had in Larke. Once the two were old enough, Stefan set out for Tabira with his sister to follow their dreams. 


Stella: Stefan is opposite in personality to Stella and therefore is arguing with her constantly. While she often frustrates him, he loves her deeply and would gladly do anything to keep her safe (even if he doesn't always verbalize this). His loyalty to her is unwavering, and he is glad to be on a team with her as they always dreamed. Together, Stefan & Stella are a terrible force to be reckoned with.

Riley: Stefan sees Riley as a kindred spirit, one who he can feel comfortable "nerding out" around. He enjoys talking to her whenever he gets a chance and sees her as a good friend.
Chip: Stefan hasn't interacted much with Chip outside of a sparring match, but she seems alright to him...even if she does remind him way too much of Stella and Lena.
Marth: Stefan is wary of Marth (how much can you really trust some mon who hides behind a mask?), but since the riolu has been quite polite and helpful to him and his sister in the past, Stefan considers him at the very least a powerful ally.
Ruby: While Stella was more of a "traditional son" than he ever was, Stefan is on good terms with his father. He loved listening to Ruby's tales of his travels across the world and owes his desire to join the Tabiran guilds to his dad.
Sapphire: Stefan has a very strong bond with his mother as they both love literature and are more peaceful souls. Before he left Larke, Sapphire would have Stefan help her with drafts for her novels, and it is due to her talent for baked goods (particularly Pecha berry pie) that he developed a bit of a sweet tooth...a fact he rather not admit to.
Mitchell: Stefan's best friend in the world. They both have a ravenous hunger for knowledge, and they loved reading together or conducting experiments. Mitchell is incredibly timid and wasn't able to stand up for either of them against bullies, but Stefan never faulted him for it. While they may be separated now, Stefan still sees Mitchell as his closest confidant. 
Lena: Stefan usually found Lena just as, if not more, annoying than Stella growing up. However, like Mitchell, she was one of the only kids who didn't pick on him and ultimately was unfailingly loyal to him and his sister when things got rough, so he still considers Lena a good friend.
Well...that took a lot longer than I expected...

So, I saw this meme and I just had to do it! I've been meaning to making a written app for Electrophilic just to expand more upon Stefan and Stella than I could in art app...but this works even better! Yes, I know I should be finishing up M1...but I did this in the hopes of kindling some motivation to work on that. All in all, this was a lot of fun! Hope you all like it :D

The blank meme can be found here.

Stefan is from Team Electrophilic. Stella's meme can be found here.

Riley and Chip of Team Courage belong to :iconspotblur:


p.s. For those of you who are wondering who the other names are in the Relationships part are, they are NPCs I hope to have app art up for soon!
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SpotBlur Featured By Owner Edited Mar 19, 2017
This was a pretty fun read :) I like how Lena had nicknames for Stefan and Stella. I didn't realize that Stefan and Stella were so much older than Chip.
DuskLugia Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2017  Student General Artist
Thanks :) 

Yeah, I look forward to introducing her soon just because she does silly things like that (she'd probably come up with nicknames like that for Chip and Riley once she meets them)! At least she'll be appearing with Mitchell in a personal story I plan to upload once I finish M1.
SpotBlur Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2017
I'd find it pretty funny if she decided to nickname Chip "Goggles". Ignis would argue that he came up with it first XD. It would be really awkward if she saw Riley use aura to glow and nicknamed her Glowstick due to it being a nickname bullies used to call Riley (You probably noticed the reason for this on Riley's Giant ToT Reference Sheet). I'm curious to see what creative nicknames she invents :)

That sounds like it'll be a fun personal story to read. Good luck on it! :)
DuskLugia Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2017  Student General Artist
Lena creates her nicknames based on what she sees as that mon's strongest quality...or at least the one she can best associate with them. So, Specs for Stefan because of his glasses (which he is useless without) and Sparkles for Stella because of her energetic personality and the fact that near all her moves give off "sparkles" of some sort. What nicknames Lena will give Chip, Riley, and Ignis will depend on what they are doing when they first meet it could be literally anything at this point!

Thanks :)
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